Emily Harrison: A Review of Betty’s Burgers


You know that feeling you get when you walk into a classic dinner? The kind of nostalgia that brings you back to a life you never actually knew. The kind of life that made the world seem small enough to comfort you.

That’s what Betty’s Burgers does for me.

Show Me What You Got

I’ve been there several times, yes, but every time I go it never disappoints me.

Betty’s Burgers is located right off University Avenue, right before the merger on H1. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall kind of diner, but what could better fit there kind of food.

Now as the name says, they are famous for their burgers. They remind me of a homier version of Steak n’ Shake. They have steak burgers and chicken sandwiches. Each topped with their BB sauce.

They have the classic thick milkshakes, where you can mix the favors as you, please.

They have many flavors of milkshakes to choose from as well as many burgers to choose from as well.

Bacon? Double patty? Cheese? teriyaki? BBQ? Some other things I’ve never ordered and never will… like the mushroom burger. Uh no thank you…

They even have BBQ or teriyaki chicken burgers!

And yes, for those of you with the refined palette, they have veggie burgers too.

Give It A Look Over

Every time I drive by this place the little girl in my heart starts skipping with joy. I absolutely love the feeling I get when I come here. There’s always laughter and music and the aroma of good food wafting in the air.

I love sitting outside in the evenings, there’s always a cooling breeze and the music adds to the care-free college lifestyle.

Even sitting inside is great, the windows are always open, as well as the door, and the nice evening breeze flows in, bringing in an enchanting flavor.

There are many hand-painted murals along the walls, as well as surfboards, to stay true to Hawaiian roots.

The menu is inscribed in chalk, with beautiful handwriting and cutesy 50’s themed graphics.

Even the area where you order makes me feel comforted. Usually I hate ordering, it brings a wave of embarrassment over me, but not here. Its tiny enough to make me feel wanted.

Mouth Watering View

Who doesn’t love a juicy burger topped off with cheese, or bacon, or smothered in sauces, or pickles, or avocado, or onions and lettuce…. It’s just the perfect kind of dinner. Especially when you get to be there with friends. the burgers are never dry, and they’re packed with flavor.

Even their chicken patties, grilled to a slight crisp, with melted cheese and smothered in sauces. It’s just heavenly.

There french fries are coated with pepper and dusted with salt. Cooked until there’s a crispy crunch on the outside, but with that melty kind of feeling that comes with a well-cooked thick cut French fry.

Ugh, my mouth’s watering again.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and I don’t see that changing ever. But I also love dipping my fries in my shake.

Judge me all you want; I’m not changing that.

So after a juicy BBQ chicken sandwich, dipping some fries into a PB and Oreo milkshake. It is also heavenly. And I will not be told otherwise.

Their milkshakes are very thick, thick enough the giant straw is needed.

They have their basic flavors, or you can get unique flavors, like us, minus the vanilla, she was done being adventurous…

You can get peanut-butter Oreo, or Neapolitan, or even strawberry Oreo.

This is my favorite place to go out and eat on the island. I definitely recommend stopping by Betty’s Burgers if you come into town.

Or if you’re having a bad day, if you need a nice warmth in your heart, or if you want to make some good memories with friends. Go to Betty’s. I promise it’s worth it.

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