Emily Harrison: Village Night Market


Alone on a Saturday night? Or worse, are you with your friends but the parties and clubs sound like torture?

Well, congrats, you’re just like me, but lucky for you I got a way to fix that!

I for one, love a place where there’s lots of food, lots of places to sit , and most importantly lots of dogs.

A set wrap-up of the latest band at the Village Night Market.

The sound of live music is a siren song to adults, and sometimes a repellent for kids, so that’s a bonus.

The temptation of fried food from around the world is a guilty pleasure we’re all more than happy to indulge in.

Not to mention a drink and a partner to swing around during a live cover of “Fly me to the Moon.”

Music, food, and friends.

Fair and Fun

When you go to a festival, what do you go for? Rides? Competitions? Face painting? Animal showings? Well, they’ve got none of that. Nope nope nope.

What they do have it lots of food and lots of drinks and live music.

Want a drink, maybe alcoholic, or some lemonade with some razzle dazzle? They got you.

Are you hungry after a long Saturday afternoon?

What’s your fancy?

Poke? Dumplings? BBQ? Tacos? Burgers?

Whatever it may be they got it I would bet.

The churro truck of delights.
So many delectable choices from one truck!
Nothing says good food like a roaring stove.

Shake Shake Shake

Do you like to dance like no one’s watching? No? Well maybe after a few drinks you will.

There’s plenty of space to swing your partner round and round, or softly sway if you’re less talented a dancer, like me.

There is always live music at the Village Night Market. Although there may be a different band when you go during the month, there is still good live music.

They play familiar classics, back when the music was good, and the year hadn’t hit 2000.

There is a big section for you to sit down and eat with loved ones, or standing tables for drinks, or if you like standing and eating like a weirdo, you can do that too.

Maybe you like to shop while you eat. Some people do, that’s strange to me as well but you do you! I’ll only slightly judge don’t worry!

I personally like to be firm in place when I eat, otherwise eating feelings like a chore.

BUT, if you do like to shop while you have a mobile dinner, this is another great place for you to be.

There’s plenty of booths that sell homemade items. Whether that be soaps, trinkets, decorations, crafts, or some other wood carved items.

Most of these items are made from family-owned booths, and some have been passed down through generations.

Sweet as Sugar

Who doesn’t start off with dessert? Losers. That’s who.

A whole truck (Rizzo) here at the Village Night Market has dedicated themselves to the art of perfecting churro desserts.

The delicacy that is churro fries.
Oreo (left) and cinnamon (right) churro sundaes.

My friend got the funnel cake fries, and although the picture looks BEAUTIFUL, they could have been better. I would rate them a solid 7/10, still good, but again, could’ve been better.

Don’t get me wrong, funnel cakes are a godsend, but I need more powdered sugar on mine. I need to feel the rise and start of diabetes, the failing of my pancreas, the pure agony of my tummy rumble… Otherwise it might as well be a healthy snack.

On the other hand, because I have better taste, my delectable dessert was an Oreo churro sundae.

These wonderful people let you choose a churro, and they base the sundae off the flavor of churro you choose.

And, like the true child at heart that I am, I chose Oreo.

Absolutely no regrets.

Now, I am not a huge fan of churros, (don’t question why I got the dessert) but over all this sundae was wonderful. 8.5/10.

The churro seemed a little dry, but to be fair to them, every churro I’ve ever had in my life was dry, so maybe that’s how churros are supposed to be? I don’t know honestly.

I expected a doughier kind of texture, but dipping it in my ice cream really made it great.

Bon Appetite, Baby

Now, I’ll be complete honest, we got here thirty minutes before closing, like the true college kids we are. Late. To. Everything.

But that did not stop the delectable wave of flavors that engulfed the entire atmosphere form hitting me in the face.

So many trucks had their meals posted on the outside or showcased in boxes on a display table.

You know that gut instinct you have when you smell the mouthwatering meal before you taste it? That feeling that this food is going to be immaculate. Yeah, that’s this place.

I’m one hundred percent going back to try the food, and its completely out of my way to get there, but I don’t care, even the smell was good enough to make me want to come back.

My group and I were wondering around, looking at the menus that were available, deciding what to try the following week, when I came across a tent whose name I was struggling to say.

One of the family members came over to me, taught me how to say it properly, and explained their business to me.

This delightful family has run this business for many many years, four generations now.

They have stayed true throughout the years, cooking traditional Hawaiian BBQ.

The entire family was so beyond nice and people from all over the festival raved about their food. They sold out long before we got there, which really says something.

Their truck is called Akimekagrindz, go and check them out!

Fur and Friends

The best part of this place is the dog friendly environment. If you hate that sort of thing, well, then stay home. Because I love it and I’m not having that taken away from me.

There are fur babies everywhere here, enjoying the music and food like everyone else at the event.

The best part about their presence is some owners don’t mind you petting their dogs!

I can’t think of a better Saturday night than having good food, good drinks, good music, and a puppy to pet.


So, overall, yes, I recommend this place. Go there by yourself, go there with family, go there with friend. Just go there. It’s a friendly environment, and it’s got a little something for everyone.

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