Emily Harrison: Self Defense Tactics

As part of SA awareness month, I believe that taking further precautions to protect yourself is an absolute necessity.
I do believe these few moves, if you can remember them in a high-intensity and stressful situation, may give you a better chance of not only life but getting away from your attacker.
With that thought in mind, it’s important to remember that taking further lessons, improving your strength and self-awareness, and above all else, keeping yourself out of harmful situations, is best for keeping yourself safe.

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Emily Harrison: International English Honor Society

I do believe in the old saying, “actions speak louder than words.”

Of course they do. But what most fail to realize, is that words leave a bigger impact. Words, are a foundation of which a society is built. Words transform the world into something worthwhile.

Sigma Tau Delta has made it their mission to further interest and further education in both literature and the English language.

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