Clarice Arnold: Getting to know me

BY CLARICE ARNOLD / Kalamalama Staff

Rainbow tunnel. (Courtesy Clarice Arnold)

I am 22 years old and am a senior at Hawaii Pacific University. I am originally from Long Island, New York.

I went to Long Island University from 2018-2020 as a Vet tech major. I transferred here in Fall 2021, switching my major to Arts and Markets with a concentration in theatre.

At home, I have one little sister and three dogs. I love superhero movies, horror movies and anime. I am graduating in May 2023.

Azalea Rose. (Courtesy Clarice Arnold)
Ace and Duke. (Courtesy Clarice Arnold)


I do like to go to the beach; it is rare though. I enjoy getting tattoos and will be getting more soon.

I like to cook. I enjoy working out. I also enjoy reading and writing. 


  • Favorite movie: Thor Ragnarok
  • Favorite TV show: Sherlock
  • Favorite anime: Black Butler
  • Favorite colors: Purple and Green
  • Favorite animal: Dog
  • Favorite food: Poke
  • Favorite season: Fall
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite drink: Coffee
  • Favorite band: Maneskin
  • Favorite solo artist: Harry Styles
  • Favorite book series: Chronicles of Narnia


In all honesty, I realized I’m not good at math and science, and I spent a year trying to figure out something else to do.

My entire life I had thought I would be a vet, so I never considered anything else.

It was hard to choose but I always thought acting would be interesting so I figured I would give it a try.

So far it has been fun, and I have realized I like writing the stories more than acting them out. 


I always wanted to come to Hawaii and I figured this way I could really spend some time here, learn, be a part of something, the community.

I saw this school had a theatre department. After watching several YouTube videos about the school, I decided to apply.

I was at work when I got the acceptance letter and literally hugged my coworkers. 


I am not really sure yet. I will be returning to New York. I have a job set for me there, as a paraprofessional working with special needs kids at the same school I attended, and I really enjoy it.

After that, I am not sure. I would like to have a family of my own someday but otherwise I have no real plan yet.

Queen Elizabeth. (Courtesy Clarice Arnold)


  • I broke my arm and needed to get surgery. 
  • I have owned 4 hamsters and a hedgehog. 
  • I have a certification in Animal Sciences.
  • I was temporarily deaf in 1st grade after having a bad ear infection.


It is hard to pick. I had two birthdays in Disney, my 7th and my 16th. My family has also gone to Mexico every year since I was a baby. We have also gone to a few states, like North Carolina, Maine, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I would have to say my 7th birthday in Disney was my favorite vacation. Being a kid in Disney is probably the best experience.


I am starting to enjoy it more. I have written a few short stories, a few scripts too. For me, I have to be in the right mood to write. Sometimes I will have full storylines in my head and other times it is completely empty up there. 

Clarice Arnold is a Senior at Hawaii Pacific University, studying Arts and Markets with a concentration in Theatre. Follow her on Instagram at @Clarice_Quinn.

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