Emily Harrison: HPU Libraries Host Escape Room Event

Escape rooms have been buzzing in the past decade. They have increased tremendously in popularity (especially with young adults) over the years.

And most people will want a review on the escape room HPU just held. And they’ll get one.

But first: upon hearing from the staff and participants, the library staff at Hawaii Pacific University needs to be thanked for all of the effort they put into the events for the students at HPU.

So, thank you to the Library Faculty members at HPU.

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Emily Harrison: Hi, It’s Me!

I’ve always had a passion for writing, and I want one day to possibly work part time editing/publishing. The editing and publishing minor is a minor I have never heard of, but it has actually given me a lot of experience I wasn’t aware I needed. One day I do hope to publish books of my own, and if I could not only write, but aid in the editing and publishing of it, it would be a dream come true. I think it’s very important for students/ people to have some writing in their life. Writing is a way to express yourself, and it also unleashes potential and passion some of us aren’t even aware we have.

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